Why should you purchase a pet portrait?

July 15, 2019

As far back as when we learnt to scribble on cave walls around 30,000 to 10,000 B.C, humans have been painting animals. The first wild animal known as the wolf, the ancestor that all the modern-day dogs have in common, was domesticated by humans around the same time,

So, it’s no surprise that people who own pets are willing to pay artists to turn their pet’s pictures into a work of art.

Here are five benefits of getting a hand-painted pet portrait;


The reason for getting a portrait painted is to have someone’s image for a lifetime. You can do it with photography, sculpture, painting or via other mediums. The same way we make portraits for the people we love so we can celebrate and commemorate them, we can do so for our pets.

In days gone by, the only people who could afford to pay for portrait paintings were the aristocrats and the rich, and sometimes they used their noble pets.

This tells us why a large proportion of pet owners even today, despite the propensity of photo printing and digital photography, will rather have painted portraits of their pets.

Due to the popular opinion that paintings last a lifetime, a lot of artists are still making money from painting pet portraits.


Since it is very difficult to get your pets to stay still long enough for them for an artist to capture their portrait, most artists would rather use an image of your pet to capture them in their element.

Artists can always make the painting process contemporary and fun. Special elements can be added to match the uniqueness of your pet’s personality. For example, a favourite toy, sock or even background can be added by the artist to enhance the painting.

The artist must take time in sketching the image, applying careful brush strokes and carefully mixing colours for the pet portrait to come as a work of art. With tools like photoshop, digital photographs can be manipulated to look like paintings, but what attracts people to a custom painting is the creativity of the artist and the details that go into creating a handmade portrait.


People love talking about their pets. Imagine your lounge occupied by a fine portrait of your beloved pet. Portraits tell their own story, apart from immortalizing their subjects. An artist that is good will produce an artwork that has its own story to tell. One characteristic of an amazing artist is their ability to make their subject larger than life. This can be achieved by taking a themed photo of the dog to show its personality. It can be a picture of them in their favourite sleeping position, or a picture with their favourite toy or dog crate.

An artist can get the right shape, angles, colour, textures and composition, to build a story around the portrait of the pet. Either by keeping it isolated, or integrating it in the background, the artist can position the subject at the right angle for the best effect. These elements are very important in the creative process.

There’s a need for artists to take their time to come up with a masterpiece!  Be prepared to spend a lot more than what you’ll pay for a digital photograph printed onto a canvas. In addition, your pet portrait takes around 4 to 6 weeks to be hand-painted whereas a photo on a canvas can be printed in a matter of minutes.


Whether the painting is for your loved one, or for you, a hand-painted pet portrait is an amazing gift. This gift will not only last for a lifetime, but it’ll bring back fond memories of your pet and the person who took out time to give you something that you didn’t even know you wanted. We get a lot of men who purchase these as gifts to their wives or partners.

While all the reasons mentioned above are great reasons why you should get a custom hand-painted portrait of your pets. Another reason, you should get one specifically from Paintpup is that we donate 5% of all revenue through to animal welfare charities.


Different mediums like charcoal, oil pastels, acrylic paint or watercolours are employed by artists for their work. They also have their own unique styles and creative techniques that sets them apart. Some specialize in traditional paintings, while others are great with illustrations and comic portraits.

A lot of this creatives can be found on Etsy or Instagram, or you can make use of google typing pet artist, input your state and the city you’re in. majority of these artists have their own websites and online portfolios.

At Paintpup we provide artists that are extremely experienced in portrait painting, professional and have pedigree.

And you’re assured of getting 100 per cent of your money back if the work is not to your liking.

You can also get a recommendation for a good portrait artist from your family and friends. This is a good way to get referrals, seeing as they’ll be giving you first-hand feedback.