How Long Can You Leave a Kitten or Cat Alone?

April 24, 2019

Some mature cats like their isolation, but kittens tend to need a lot of socialization. When they are in their busy months, their little brains are working to form strong bonds with other animals and their human companions. Being left alone for long periods can cause anxiety and loneliness. Of course, kittens love to get into trouble! Each kitten is unique.

Cat owners know that felines are not as independent as alleged. Though they don’t require regular walk like dogs, your presence is very important to them, not just because you can feed them, fill their bowl with water or clean their litter box. But your present help builds a greater bond with your furry pal. Although, there may be the time you have to leave your mature cat for overnight or even longer. Kittens less than four months of age should not be left alone for more than four hours. When they are up to six months old, they can endure an eight-hour a day without company.

The period of time you can leave your adult cat alone also depends on the cat, your environment and his diet. Cats that eat dry foods that you can make available can be left alone for about 24 to 48 hours, provided fresh water is also available. Outside this time frame, the water can become very dirty and the litter box full. A dirty litterbox will probably lead to a dirty house. Cats take care of keeping themselves clean and fresh, and they expect you to keep their litter box clean as well. Most owners mistakenly think that all their feline pals need is a heaping pile of food and a big bowl of water that can last for days, but a clean litter box is also important. If your cat litter box is full in your absence, your cats will have to find another place to dig and bury his stuff.

Kittens are very entertaining but when left alone their snooping can lead them to trouble. Although with the remote workforce growing across the globe, over sixty per cent of cat owners work outside their home. And this demand leaving their feline pals alone for some time. If you own a kitten and work long hours or travel often, before leaving your new kitten alone, the following are some tips and safety precautions you should take before you leave your feline pals alone.

  • Ensure all electrical cords and cables are out of their reach – you can use electrical wire protector to protect the wires.
  • Ensure there is no access to hot surfaces; you can use a fireguard to keep your feline pals away from the fire.
  • Close your windows and if slightly open make sure they cannot be pushed open by your cats, kittens will try to climb even the smallest gaps.
  • Block any access behind dryers, washers, furniture, and refrigerators.
  • Get rid of any poisonous plants which might be harmful if eaten by your cats.