How dogs can make you live longer

October 17, 2019

We all love our dogs and want nothing more than the best for them. At the same time a lot of people have dogs for utility purposes as well. From service dogs too emotional support dogs all the way to just being our best friend, our dogs all have a unique purpose. What do our dogs do passively for us as owners every single day that most of us do not even realize? According to recent research studies, owning a dog can actually improve your life.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of owning a dog and how the longevity of life is connected to this.

Research from 1950 to May of  2019 which evaluated dog ownership and the relation to the longevity of life. Scientists and researchers found that people who owned the dogs were more likely to live longer. The research showed that people who own dogs had a 24% risk reduction for death caused by anything. This interesting study even showed that people who had heart problems and lived with at least one dog had incredible benefits. It is believed that part of this is due to increased physical activity when it comes to owning a dog since most owners take their dogs on walks regularly. This study even found that people who owned dogs were less likely to die from heart-related problems.

A lot of pets are in our homes for the simple purpose of companionship. Most humans always want to avoid being lonely, so getting a pet is their solution to this potential problem. Having a dog can really help in managing stress, decreasing the feeling of loneliness and isolation, and it can even help increase the activity level in your life. The American Heart Association recommends that every person gets at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to stay healthy. If you walk your dog from 20 to 30 minutes at a time each and every single day, you will meet these requirements without issue. Doing this very simple thing can drastically improve your overall health and your cardiovascular health as well.

However, make sure that you are not taking this information the wrong way, just because owning a dog can help you with decreasing certain things in your life does not mean that it will cure everything that is going wrong. You must still take care of yourself by eating right, not smoking, getting proper exercise, and making sure you get the right amount of sleep each night. Most dog owners do see to have a better sense of comfort and increased well-being, however, most studies that have been done show that people with dogs tend to be more active in their lives. \

This results in the owners of dogs being less likely to die from heart disease and other heart problems.

Owning a dog can also help in lowering your blood pressure. Something else that you should keep in mind if you are still sceptical about all of this information is that this study was conducted over many many decades. That helps back up this newfound evidence. It has also been found that owning a dog can actually help reduce your risk of having a stroke as well. With all of these potential health and exercise benefits, why would you not want to own a dog or two? As a dog owner myself, I can easily say that I do get more exercise when I am around my dog.

I also know from personal experience that dogs also help with depression and anxiety. There are so many different ways that our dogs helped us physically, emotionally, and mentally that most of us do not even realize it yet. Whenever I get to see my dog, all of my problems just seem to go away like it never mattered in the first place. Even if all the data that was collected is simply coincidental, what would it hurt to go to your local animal shelter and adopt a dog as long as you can afford it?

As I always say, dogs always make everything better!