Paintings In Modern Decoration

May 2, 2019

You may be a fan of Da Vinci, van Gogh or Michelangelo; your interest might be somehow inclined to the works of Picasso or Jan Vermeer, the truth is that everyone appreciates a painting. Painting is a classic work of art that is as old as man itself. It became famous in the 14th century when some of the legendary painter and philosophers mentioned above took their brushes, pitching their thoughts and ideologies to the world in varieties of colors, carefully represented on the canvas.

You probably have heard of some of these names in the past or maybe now. Whichever category you may fall into, the truth is that somewhere along the line, you would have come to appreciate the works of art painting, unless you are color blind.

Art painting can be in any form depending on the ones your conscious mind has been giving attention to. You must have come across individual paintings of landscapes, animals, birds, buildings, and any other structure, carefully represented in a frame or on a canvas. This is what art painting is, and somehow we all appreciate it.

The table, for art painting, has turned in the modern world though as individuals no longer admire paintings for their significance or ability to pass a message anymore.  In this age and at this time when we literally have a seasoned painter being born every second, people now consider art painting as more of a thing of beautification and decoration.

The modern decoration associated with art painting perfectly fits it. This is because the kind of painting we see today come in a perfect combination of unique colors, carefully selected to make stunning impressions on a canvas. Whether you are an enthusiastic art paint lover or you are a connoisseur, you need to start looking the way the trend is looking, and that is in the area of modern decoration.

Art paintings can now replace ordinary wall paintings of homes, offices, workshops, or even companies. Many homes are now imbibing the idea of decorating their walls with classic art masterpiece, rather than doing the regular painting we used to know. Also, office owners now purchase beautiful art painting frames and strategically hang it on their office walls to enhance beautification and pass their desired message.

In this modern age, still in line with beautification enhancement, the colors on those canvases can also be representational. What this means is that individuals now purchase art paintings because it perfectly represents what they do and love. For instance, a poultry company would instead prefer a painting of a bird to that of an edifice. Likewise, an architectural design company will never place a birds painting over that of a skyscraper, no matter how appealing the bird painting might be.


A PERFECT SUBSTITUTE: As stated earlier, most people now consider art paintings on canvas and frames as a perfect substitute for the generic wall paintings. Instead of going all green and yellow or red and purple in your room, house office, many now prefer to buy beautiful an appealing art paintings which enhances the beauty of the environment and brightens up the mood. They can either hang or paste on the wall depending on whether it is a frame or an art sheet.

ECONOMICAL: Art are no longer as expensive as they used to me and the reason is not far fetched. Gifted painters are rising almost every minute. Hence, whichever side you may choose to turn to, you will find someone knows how to dance his brush over the canvas, to create a beautiful masterpiece. This means you can see an art painting just anywhere you turn to; on the street corner, by the roadside, in the market place, and at exhibitions or galleries.

EASY REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT: With art painting, you have the option of replacing them as often as you get tired of seeing the one hung on the wall. You can easily remove them and replace with another preferred artwork. This would not be easy for generic painting, which sometimes you have to scrub the wall or combine two or more colors before you can successfully change the wall color.


There are usually several art paintings to select from when you visit the store to purchase one. If one is not carefully, you might leave the gallery more confused and unsatisfied than you were when you got there. There are certain factors you need to consider if you want to select the perfect art painting that best fits your wall.

Room or office color: This means you need to pick a combination of colors that matches the shade of your room or office wall color. Choosing a contrasting color can leave a damaging effect, and the beautiful piece of art you saw in the store might kill the light in your room or office.

For walls that are not painted, you should look around to know the most dominant colors; this will quickly help you make wise decisions when selecting a suitable art painting for your wall.

Cost of painting: Cost is another factor you should take note of. Would you rather spend your money on that one masterpiece painting that is worth more than your entire life savings or would you prefer the beautiful color blend on the canvas that smiles back at you and your pocket? Well, the decision is yours.

Preference: This is the third and probably the most crucial factor. Your preference matters a lot when considering an art painting. You need to know what you want. The exact picture on your mind will help you make a wise decision.

For us we like our favourite pet portrait hanging up on our living room wall